Drag strip truce takes a battering

The shaky truce between Dubbo City Council and developers of a multi-million- dollar drag strip took another battering this week.
HangZhou Night Net

Dubbo City Car Club members emerged with a less-than-rosy prognosis for the future of the project after a meeting with senior council staff.

“It’s finished for Dubbo,” one member said later and only moments before the start of a full council meeting.

“They said it could take another 18 months – that’s the end of it as far as we’re concerned.”

Lengthy delays to the development process have seen the $4 million project enter its fourth year.

But council’s environmental services director Doug Herd, quizzed by several councillors on the night, had a very different take on the latest negotiations.

Describing the meeting as “happy” and “positive” he agreed the timing to rezone land for the development was in the “lap of the gods”.

Nonetheless, he was hopeful of getting all the information back to council about mid-year, with the rezoning gazetted before Christmas.

He also assured councillors that staff would work with the club’s consultants who were already familiar with the project.

Project co-ordinator Alan Walker said that in light of Mr Herd’s comments to council the club would take a “wait and see” approach.

“I was sitting up the back of the council chamber thinking ‘were we at the same meeting’,” Mr Walker said later, claiming the club had already made wide-ranging compromises.

“We’ve dropped all of it but the drag strip. We’re tired of doing studies on the impact of everything from driver training to walking a dachshund.”

This article first appeared in Hangzhou Night Net.