Dam close, but ‘near enough not good enough’

Short of significant rainfalls this week, the combined dam levels, currently at 39.45 per cent, won’t get to the restriction-easing 40 per cent mark, water authorities said .
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Queensland Water Commission CEO John Bradley said today that"near is not good enough. There will be no easing of the water restrictions because half a per cent represents 10 billion litres of water, or half a day’s supply. I’m sure the community will understand."

Brisbane residents may now have to wait until this summer for the dams to pass the threshold.

"We would need 35 to 40mm sometime this week to get up to 40 per cent," said Mike Foster, a spokesman for SEQ Water.

"If we don’t get those, the catchments will start to dry out again."

Bureau of Meteorology Senior Forecaster Vikash Prasad said although falls of 30mm are expected with late showers on Friday, Brisbane will only have isolated showers during the week.

"The catchments might get a few millimetres, but confined to a few places [in the catchment]," he said.

Mr Foster said the recent rain had been a welcome surprise, as winter is typically a low-rainfull period for the region.

"Usually we’re gearing up for a dry spell," he said.

Not reaching 40 per cent has doused hopes that water restrictions might be eased.

Mr Foster said the easing of restrictions from Level 6 to Level 5 would have meant residents could have used 170 Litres a day, up from the current 140 Litres

He addded that they would have also been allowed minimal watering of gardens with a hose and bucket.

Even though water releases from the dams are expected to overtake inflows on Monday, the past week of rain Mr Foster said the recent rain has added between eight to ten weeks.

"This [rain ] has been a great benefit," he said. Source: The Sun-Herald